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Well, since some folks have been posting New Years Eve pics ...

As noted previously, we headed up to the ZOOLIGHTS thing up at the Lincoln Park Zoo, as we have for probably the past 4 or 5 years. Because this is a New Years' "tradition" for us, we tend to forget that the ZooLights stuff runs pretty much from Thanksgiving on, but I'm not sure how much "activities" are available on other nights (I know that the hats, leis, masks, and noisemakers are only there for New Years' Eve).

One thing that seems to be on-going is the ice-carving ... here's the "2007" sculpture they made last night. It was in the mid-40's, and most of the carvings they made started to loose form quickly, but this one looked good for at least a couple of hours. In previous (colder) years they've done funky things like a fireplace of ice in which they'd then start up a firelog! Much fun ... The Girls are fascinated by the process (a lot of chainsaw, some drill, and even an iron are involved in the sculpting).

Most of the "craft" activities are free up there (making reindeer hats, etc.), but there are also fee-based ones like the "decorate a gingerbread man" thing ($4 a pop). Given that the event itself is free, it's easy enough to justify that and a few other activities like the train or the carousel. The Girls wanted to do the carousel this year and we got there just in time to watch the early fireworks down at Navy Pier. It wasn't the ideal place to watch them (being several miles away and somewhat obscured by trees), but probably the best available up at the zoo (being up on a raised plaza).

We got up to the Zoo around 5:30 and ended up leaving about 8:30, and came home for a late dinner. They did change some stuff around from previous years (they gave up on doing "real" smores, for instance, but added egg nog to the concession menus!), but that at least keeps it new. It also seems that they've opened a new building since the last time we were up there ... the building that used to house the Elephants (I'm convinced that they were poisoned by PETA activists) and the Giraffes is now something like "The African Adventure" with various mini-habitats for assorted critters, much like the "small mammal" building on the other end of the zoo.

Anyway, given the lighting conditions and what was available to shoot, this was the only pic that I thought would be of interest to anybody!

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