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Ah ... I knew I missed doing something last night ... got another poem typed up but didn't drop it in here (it did go up on the Poetry Site ... but that still only exists on my hard drive ... still waiting for the friggin' AT&T disk!) ... had one of those "sleep working" bouts last night, so all sorts of stuff was screwed up on my desktop this morning ... always dangerous mousing and typing when not consciously present!


                    so many little deaths
                    though so few literal
                    it strikes us strongly
                    when this appears
                    Fred, the fish, goes away
                    and children grieve
                    and we feel guilty
                    knowing it is our fault

                    so much flows past
                    we can not touch
                    the essence of these things
                    for they are alien
                    from the center course
                    of this strange life
                    and somehow filtered

                    how odd the things
                    that mean so much within
                    have only passing note without
                    as thought our world
                    was compartmentalized apart
                    a foreign context
                    unable to attune
                    to the mundane world beyond

                    no matter how we seek
                    to make a place
                    beyond these walls
                    the gears won't mesh
                    the measure's off
                    we are non-standard
                    a special order
                    that none can trace

                    days rush on
                    and nothing grows
                    some things die
                    but are forgotten
                    in the blur of time
                    we have nothing
                    which will not fade
                    nothing that survives

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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