BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Got the guinea pigs yesterday ...

So, we drove down to Crete to pick up two "rescue" guinea pigs yesterday morning. There had been some screw-up with the pictures/descriptions, and the two that The Girls thought they were getting weren't the ones that matched up to those names. They did, however, have a pair of sisters with "calico" coloring (to match the cat, of course), which immediately were picked, and they're now in their cage.

The Wife (who is the originator of the whole concept), is already freaking out about how, uh, "untidy" they are. I have been trying to do what I'm asked (various hardware issues with the cage, etc.), and just keep my head down. Yes, they're cute, but ... eh, nevermind. I still do not see this ending well.

I have been in an emotional funk, largely based on the job search thing. With a new year starting, it seems like I am no closer to finding a job than I was previously. All the things I'd like to do all seem to have this huge chasm where I can't see anyway to get from "point A" to "point E" ... and if there's no way to get to "point B", you're pretty much fucked from the get-go. Since there doesn't seem to be any hope of me being able to do anything that I won't hate, it leaves me faced with struggling up-hill to find a job somewhere that I know will be soul-crushing and a living nightmare. Nice place to be, huh? I have been breaking down crying at random times, which has been freaking out The Girls.

Maybe I made a big mistake with quitting drinking back in my 20's ... I could have drunk myself to death by now, which seems to be a good thing from where I'm at presently.

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