BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Like you care ...

So, I took pictures of the guinea pigs so that The Girls can bring them in to school to show their friends (far preferable than having them bring their friends here to see the guinea pigs!), and I figured I might as well post them for your amusement. This amuses you, yes?

Currently, I can only get half-decent shots of them when they're in their "bags" and being held by The Girls, perhaps later they will be less nervous about posing on their own for the large smelly omnivore with the bright-light shiny thing.



We are not to blame for the names ... that's what they had for them at the rescue place, and The Girls have not seemed inclined to consider different ones. Personally, I doubt that a guinea pig cares very much about what you call it, as long as it's not "Breakfast", "Lunch", or "Dinner". And, yes, I'm pretty sure that I have eaten guinea pig while on my various travels in Peru ... so maybe these are nervous for a reason!

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Tags: photos
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