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As a life-long Cubs fan, I am used to expecting disaster, so from the moment that Seattle took the lead in this one, I was psychologically working hard to buffer the effects of a Bears loss. However, the Bears managed to tie the game, to get it into overtime, and win it on a long kick. Whew!

  BEARS               27  
  SEAHAWKS       24  

I had actually hoped that the Eagles would have won yesterday, because they seem to be more "held together with chewing gum & baling wire" (much like the Bears at this point) than are the Saints, but I guess getting a dome (and otherwise warm-weather) team coming to Chicago mid-January has got to have some advantages for the home team (and, not that you can trust long-range weather forcasts, right now it looks like it's going to be in the 20's next weekend).

It's not a good thing, though, that none of the Bears squads played particularly well ... the D looked porous to the running game, Grossman (while not being "bad Rex") was inconsistent, and even our typically stellar special teams were allowing substantial run-backs and screwing up what should have been a TD run-back by Hester. Oh, well, they all were just good enough when they had to be today, I sure hope they can kick it up a notch before facing New Orleans!

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