BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ah, that ended up quite well ...

  BEARS              39  
  SAINTS            14  

Whew! As evidenced by my previous post, I was a "nervous neville" again, but this time The Bears turned it around and made the game an unexpected whuppin'. I mean, it started off well enough, three field goals and a TD in the first half, with New Orleans just squeaking out a TD towards the end. But then it got scary, with them adding a second TD as soon as they got the ball after halftime. Mind you, The Bears never gave up the lead, but it sure felt like it (and the yak-yak from the announcers certainly seemed like they were rooting for the Saints!). But then the Special Teams made one of their game-savers ... nothing as dramatic as a kick return, but they nailed a punt on the 5-yard line, allowing the D to get nasty with the Saints playing out of their own end zone. They were only down by two points at that juncture, but when the refs called a safety down there (giving The Bears a 4 point lead), it seemed to switch all the momentum over to Chicago. Grossman woke up and put another 21 points on the board, and the game ended as a rout!

Next stop ... Miami and  

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Tags: da bears
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