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So, it's going to be The Bears vs. the Indianapolis Colts ... the latter having put on a record-breaking display of catching up from behind. I just hope that the Colts "left it all on the field" against the Patriots, and will be a bit on the "emotionally drained" side against The Bears.

I just saw some stats from the Bears/Saints game ... it looks like we had "bad Rex" for the first half, and "good Rex" for the second half ... now, during the season, Grossman had seven games with "passer ratings" over 100 (very good) and several (I'm not sure of the exact number) games with "passer ratings" under 40 (very bad) ... well, today, in the first half he was at 39.9, while in the second half he was at 105.4 ... so we had both Rex modes in evidence!

Other interesting facts ... Lovie Smith is the first Black coach to take a team to the Super Bowl ... his best buddy, Tony Dungy, is now the second, trailing by a few hours! These guys talk every game day and bounce ideas off each other, I guess they'll probably have to take a pass on that tradition in two weeks when they meet head-to-head for all the marbles. Needless to say, this guarantees that a Black coach will be the Super Bowl winner for the first time ... let's just hope it's Lovie hoisting the Lombardi Trophy after the game in Miami!

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