BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Tonight's the big party ...

My mom's 80th birthday was a couple of days ago ... my brother and his family are flying in today and we're doing something of a surprise party ... "something of" in that my mom knows that she's coming over here for a birthday dinner (we did a little celebration on Thrusday over there), but she HOPEFULLY is clueless about the Boston contingent appearing. As I've been bitching previously in this space ...we've been spending all damn week getting ready ... now I just need to cook a gourmet meal for 10 people! Wish me luck.

Got this done while waiting for Daughter #1 to get done with her swimming class today ... can't accuse me of sloth ...

                    ZONES BLASTED GREY

                    the tides of chaos
                    swallow us
                    vast streams of static
                    swamp all intelligible signals
                    in inefficient states
                    all intents are blurred
                    all needs go unmet
                    all days are scattered

                    unable to act
                    no chance to achieve
                    we focus on histories
                    and what's left behind
                    when denied these futures
                    we solidify pasts
                    hoping that these
                    might form some new basis

                    so typical
                    that what is gone
                    seems more real
                    more valuable
                    than what is now
                    or what may be
                    so pitiful
                    so miserable and sad

                    we can not name the darkness
                    which shrouds this time
                    we can not focus
                    to pierce the veil
                    which cloaks all things
                    we only know
                    that something lurks
                    behind this malicious haze

                    so much intrudes
                    from outer worlds
                    black holes within
                    that suck the hours
                    and all our strength
                    into their foreign sway
                    these shadows sweep across the light
                    and tinge all with that dark

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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