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I have mentioned (in context of reviews) the Institute For Cultural Research, a group started in 1965 by the late Idries Shah. One of the main functions of the ICR has been to sponsor a series of lectures on various topics, which it would then publish in the "ICR Monograph Series".

Over the years, I had purchased most of these, despite their rather hefty cover price (they are currently selling copies of the older releases at £5.00 ... nearly $10 ... for 6 to 28 pages!). I just got a note from them that their new web site is up and running, and one of the VERY exciting things about the new manifestation is that nearly all of the ICR Monographs (all but five, which were more "book length") are available for FREE download!

I have a complete collection (well, minus the "missing" #13 and #14, which the current staff claim to have no records of) from #1 through #29, but there are currently up to #44, which means I'll be saving $150.00 running these off myself (and this will end up very much like the originals, which were often 8.5x11 sheets stapled at the edge and with tape over the staples!).

I strongly encourage y'all to go check out the ICR Archive page to check out this amazing cache of books!

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