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Everybody needs to get this memorized by Sunday ...

So, you're thinking to yourself: "Gee, I know that The Bears have a real snappy fight song, but I've never figured out what the lyrics are ... I mean, after all ... what's that 'T formation' stuff anyway?"* Well, fret no more, my friends! In the interest of having as many voices as possible cheering on my Bears, I've whipped up a handy, appropriately colored, lyric sheet for you to practice with.

What? You say you don't know what it sounds like? Have you been living in a cave all your life? Oy! O.K., not a problem ... really ... it just so happens that Sir George Solti and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra recorded a sort of "florid" rendition of it a few years back (21 years ago?), and that's available to you, for free, by simply clicking HERE.

Now, "Bear Down" is sung every time The Bears score ... and it's not just sung once but twice, with about a five second pause (well, traditionally, with a bumpa-dumpa-ba-bumpa-dumpa-ba-bumpa-dumpa-ba-bump drum break) in between. So, there you have it ... go get practicing and you'll be ready to cheer on Da Bears to further Super Bowl glory come Sunday!


Bear down, Chicago Bears,
make every play
clear the way to victory;
Bear down, Chicago Bears,
put up a fight
with a might so fearlessly.

We'll never forget the way
you thrilled the nation
with your T-formation.

Bear down, Chicago Bears,
and let them know
why you're wearing
the crown.
You're the pride and joy
of Illinois,
Chicago Bears, bear down!

*The "T-formation" was a revolutionary innovation in the Pro game, being the first alignment to allow the QB to take the snap directly from the Center and then either hand the ball off or pass. The Chicago Bears adopted it in the 1940 season, and it led to their demolishing the Washington Redskins in the 1940 NFL Championship Game 73-0 ... "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" was written the following year.

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