BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A good week for Daughter #1

First of all, she just got her BROWN BELT up at Dojo today! Yay! Three more belt promotions and she'll be a Black Belt. I'm still wondering if she'll make it there while still in the Kids' class (which goes to age 13), as she just turned 11, the clock is sort of running. It would be nice for that to happen so she doesn't have to change gears for the Teens' program, and just hit the Teen Black Belt track running.

We also heard that her "book" The Dad Who Hates Christmas (ahem) was one of only two books chosen from three class levels at her school to be submitted to the regionals! I'm very proud of her, and glad that I busted my ass in helping her with making the binding look good (oh, and providing my particular brand of grumpy inspiration).

Add to this the phone call I just got from my buddy Bob (who'd sort of "fallen off the radar" after coming down here to help get everything out of my Mom's place two summers ago) saying he was going to be in town for a thing down at Navy Pier tomorrow and would come up afterward to help me cheer the  BEARS  (have you been practicing?) on to victory tomorrow! Very cool.

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