BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

It ain't dat cold ...

Heck, the game oughta be here!  Da Bears  are the official "home" team this year, after all. I just went out to the grocery store (had to stock up on some additional game-watching items given that my college buddy Bob is showing up for the game), and it was fine out there!

Of course, I'm sure those play-in-a-dome guys from Indianapolis might think otherwise, but, for being 5° with a -14° windchill, it was pretty survivable out there. I think it helps having 41% humidity, though, which is unusual for when it's this cold. Needless to say, as a Chicago native, I have cold weather gear designed to keep you alive on an arctic ice floe, so my view might be a little skewed ... but let's just say I was sweating by the time I got the groceries back home (and, OK, so it's just a 4 block walk each way).

Now, in Miami, it's looking like it's going to be in the low 60's with rain ... which has got to be more advantageous to  Da Bears  than to the PonyBoys because of the playing-outside-in-the-elements aspect. At least, after having gone out, I know that if when  Da Bears  win, we can go out and whoop it up with the other lunatics!

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Tags: da bears
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