BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK, so there I was ...

On Monday, my college buddy Bob (who's currently working as a classical music vendor) had an appointment with a guy down at the Virgin Megastore on Michigan Avenue, and I tagged along. On the way out, I noticed a magazine (MOJO) with Ian Curtis on the cover which came with a Joy Division themed sampler CD, which over-rode my "retail purchase resistance".

Now, that's just setting the scene ... what I'm wanting to point out to all and sundry is based on one of the pieces in said magazine ... which said: THE STOOGES HAVE RECORDED A NEW ALBUM!

Yes, Iggy Pop and Ron & Scott Asheton have gotten back together (the original bass player, Dave Alexander died back in 1975, and is replaced by former Minuteman Mike Watt) and, according to the story here, have put together an amazing piece of work, produced by Steve Albini.

Nothing like going 34 years between recording sessions ... Raw Power came out in '73 ... the new one's called The Weirdness and is due out in March!

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