BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Survived the weekend ...

Well, that's over. The Girls were home from school today because it's Lincoln's Birthday ... as opposed to Presidents' Day, which they also get off next Monday ... I guess it's "an Illinois thing", sort of like how Pulaski Day is "a Chicago thing".

Anyway, we had the birthday party for Daughter #2 on Saturday at the Diversey River Bowl, which was quite the little hellish corner of chaos. First of all, they start ALL the kids' birthday parties at the same time (you get to pick 1:30 or 3:30), and then turn the lights off ... now, having the lights off does make the rock & roll light show much cooler, but it's WAY hard to tell which hyperactive 7-year-old belongs at which party, or guests (for those not arriving early) to find the right party (out of a simultaneous dozen or so)! We were supposed to have had about 11 kids (including ours), but ended up with about 17 (some folks obviously don't get what "R.S.V.P." means!). So we had all these kids, mainly 6 and 7, trying to bowl on just two lanes. Daughter #1 tried valiantly to get them organized, but it was pretty much free-for-all ball chucking. We even lost one kid, a little Asian boy who was just so freaked out by it all that his Mom took him and his sister home about a half hour into the party (I would note that we had no idea that they were coming in the first place, and had heard of no siblings coming, despite there being several). Needless to say, we were short several goodie bags (having prepped 12, which should have given us 3 extras on a "family hold back" basis), which embarrassed the hell out of me as a former professional meeting planner.

On the plus side, #2 got lots of cool gifts, was VERY into the whole Rock&Roll vibe, and we only got charged for the minimum for the party.

Sunday was #2's actual birthday and we had quite the full day ... we got up right about at dawn so that she could rip into her presents, then headed out to see the 10:30am show of "Seussical the Musical" up at the Emerald City theater (we'd fortunately got a rental car at the last minute on Friday for the weekend, as we were doing a lot of running around), then ran down to Chinatown for Dim Sum, then came back home and let them play with the new toys. Aside from Dim Sum she'd also requested Dave & Busters, so we went there for dinner. That was not a happy thing, but that's more from The Wife hating the place and being in a mega bitchy mood. Don't get me started on that. The Girls and I ran through $25 on the games and then headed home for cake.

Today I took the car back (I'm always having to go to hell and gone to get the Enterprise weekend deals ... typically requiring me to spend at hour or so with a train & bus combo to get there or back), which took most of the morning, and then got out a couple of resumes before taking The Girls out to the park. We'd probably gotten 2-3" of snow over-night, so there was enough for snowballs, and as much as they tried to make a snowman, they ended up settling for a "snow cat", about 2 feet high ... but it did look cute by the time they'd assembled a face out of twigs and peanuts (which we'd brought out for the squirrels).

Anyway, I'm beat and feeling like I've missed four days. Valentines is next up, and that's already a mess ... we couldn't get a reservation anywhere we wanted to go (that would be good for the kids ... it's not like The Wife and I are going to have a chance at a quiet dinner by ourselves), so we've pushed going out until Thursday at a place that we have some gift certificates (from my in-laws) for.

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