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Yeah, I know, this will excite the HECK out of everybody else ... but I've gotten the essential files moved from MCS.NET over to AT&T so that my little "BTRIPP" link down there shows up again, and it links out to my home page again, AND the link for the poem site actually goes to where the poem site will be (just in case you're dying to see a little bit of the "look and feel" of that).

I also got the AT&T dial-up thing fixed (I hope). There were all sorts of problems connecting, and they had me tweak modem settings and stuff ... and last week had me go back to the manufacturerer to try to get new drivers, even. Well, all that got me was one setting which connected at 16.3 and another at about 32.4 ... neither of which (needless to say) I was happy about since just connected at 44 ... well, the tech guy I talked to today dug deep into the book (the modem had some "never seen it before" identifier, but it was one letter off from some standard Rockwell number) and came up with a command string that got it (at least tellng me) that it was connecting at 57-something, making me much happier.

I was having problems uploading files through the AT&T site (their level of discourse is pretty much "Dick and Jane" ... "you want a pretty website?" "Good!" "This template will make a pretty website!") but finally got a new FTP program set up which "got around" their internal structures. One good thing that comes as a bonus is that now I should be able to work on the 2U website from home ... which has been a major issue on getting that finished!

Yeah, I know ... who the fuck cares about ANY of this stuff. I'm off for the Unicity convention in the morning ... it would be great to find that all sorts of L.J. folks had joined up, or bought stuff, or at least subscribed to the free newsletter when I get back (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)!

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