BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Yummmm ...

Well, we finally made it out for our Valentines' dinner ... we tried for Wednesday, but couldn't get a reservation any time that would be good for The Girls, then we were going to go out on Thursday, but that got screwed up, so we pushed it on till tonight. We were going out to Roy's (which is just a few blocks down the road from us) because the in-laws had given us some gift cards to there last year (for my birthday or our anniversary, I forget), and we like it a lot (and it has a kids menu). Man, I miss having "cuisine" on a regular basis!

Back when I was in P.R. (pre-1994), we went out to eat at fancy restaurants something like 8 times a week, and that's certainly one thing I miss from those days (that, and the six-figure compensation package and the top-drawer insurance). (sigh) I think we end up going out to "cuisine" places only 3-4 times a year since The Girls have come along. So, it was nice to have that tonight.

For those who don't know, the Roy's restaurants were developed by chef Roy Yamaguchi out in Hawaii and feature his "Hawaiian Fusion" style ... he built up quite a chain on his own, but a few years back sold it off (except for the ones in Hawaii) to the Outback folks, who I'm guessing have opened up a lot more (I see they're up to 34 locations). One thing I especially appreciate is that they do a prix fixe menu which is quite reasonable, so it's not a horror when the bill comes!

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