BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Sometimes I can't help it ...

OK, so there I was, poking around in the Stamps area of the Post Office web site.

I was in there trying to figure out what the minimum number of stamps I'd need to get some promotional things out for the Tutoring biz ... and I'm hoping that this lovely combination of 87¢, 60¢, and 48¢ stamps that I've determined as optimal will be available tomorrow at the post office.

But that's not what I'm blogging about ... oh no.

At some point this summer they're coming out with a Marvel Super Heroes set of 20 stamps, with 10 characters (like the just-in-time-for-the-movie Silver Surfer here), and 10 classic comic book covers. Needless to say, the 14-year-old boy that lived and breathed Marvel Comics that still lurks in the back of my brain is jumping up and down about this!

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