BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Holy crap!

I am flabbergasted.

A few years ago I picked up 3 Canon i350 printers as they produced good output, and were cheap, and I found that I could get "compatible" cartridges for as little as 10¢ on the dollar vs. Canon ink. Unfortunately, one of them (the one hooked up to Daughter #2's system, which was not being used much other than to play Candyland, etc.) has what I am now assuming are irreversibly blocked nozzles for the red ink (I've tried soaking the nozzles in alcohol, swabbing with various things, etc., and we're still not seeing any red ink when printing). Of course, at this point, the i350 has been long discontinued, but (as we have several printers using the same cheap ink), I'd really rather stay with something that takes the BCI-24 ink cartridges. I have bid on a few straggling i350s on eBay, but got the idea tonight to go check out what a replacement Printhead would cost.

Now, the Printhead for the i350 (Part Number QY6-0044-000) is an easily removable, and thereby user-replaceable, part. It's not big, does not seem particularly complicated, an came in a printer that was at one point retailing under $50.00 ... one would think that one could find these for next to nothing, right? Nuh-uh.

The "best" price I've seen for this is a seller on eBay (with 495 of them to sell) who has a buy-it-now price of $24.95 (with $9.00 for shipping on an item that might weigh 3oz!). Most of the listings I'm seeing are from Europe, and there the going price is something in the neighborhood of fifty Euros! Insane!

I mean, I might end up paying the $33.95 for it just because we can get such cheap ink cartridges for it, especially compared to any more recent units (it uses a 3-color and a black cartridge, and my most recent purchase was 10bk, 8c, for $23.90 delivered, which would have run me over $186.00 if I'd gotten the "store brand" compatible cartridges, let alone the actual Canon ones). It just irks me to pay that for what should cost under $10 with minimal shipping!

OK, poking around some more I'm seeing places that are at least claiming that the Canon "list price" for the QY6-0044 was $26.89 ... which seems awfully steep given what I paid for those i350 printers ... but it would explain why the cheapest I'm seeing is right around that.

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