BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

"Holy viral marketing, Batman!"


Just ... wow.

I got "viral marketed" right here on L.J. ... in the privacy of my own blog (such as that is).

You know that post I made a couple of days ago, talking about the cost of getting a new print-head for my Canon i350 (for which I can get very inexpensive "compatible" ink cartridges)? Well, somebody was listening, as I got a comment to that post today from a inkisit telling me that Kodak is launching a new line of printers with "a lot more cheaper" ink (still 5x what I've been paying). They put a link in there to their site (which is, to be honest, quite funny, with video clips reminiscent of old SCTV skits), which is also pretty much the sole content of their journal.

I don't know what to think about this, frankly. I mean, when I have some "live project", I'm a marketing machine (heck, I even dredged up my "Marketing Man" user pic for this), but that's me flogging stuff that I'm involved with, in the environment (L.J.) where I spend all my time. This was frickin' KODAK.

Being a "permanent account" on L.J., I'm usually buffered from the new marketing reality around here, and I'm wondering if this inkisit account isn't an approved pre-paid "corporate sponsor" who is just pushing the envelope with Google-like searches for anybody who might be discussing printing.

Anybody else heard from these guys (or their like)?

I'm feeling vaguely violated, but am still sorting this all out in my head!

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