BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Printers, and printheads, and ink ... OH MY!

Geez ... I was "watching" a Canon i350 over on eBay, figuring that maybe I could pick that up for less than getting a printhead. Oy! For a long time it hovered around $20.00 (with $13.00 in S&H), up from a low-ball open of $5, but in the past several hours it shot up, ending up going to a bot (to judge by the 7-seconds-till-close bid by a not-previously-in-play name) for $72.07 ... meaning that somebody wanted one of these bad enough to spend over $85.00 on it (I think I got ours for well under $50 each). Ouch.

Fortunately, the print heads are plentiful, and I've discovered a "Dutch auction" for some where there are more units than bids so far, which has me hoping that maybe I'll get one at the minimum. I still think these folks should be embarrassed over what they're charging for shipping for a 4x2x2" box that weighs maybe 4oz (one guy is asking nine bucks to ship that!). If this "plan" works out, I should have the replacement printhead for the i350 in-hand for a total of $25.00 ... a lot more than I was thinking it should be, but a do-able price to keep using the real cheap ink cartridges!

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