BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

FireFox 2.0 ...

As noted previously in this space, I recently had to give up on Netscape, despite being a long-time (15 years?) user, and switch over to FireFox. I had a lot of resistance to this switch because I was so used to Netscape letting you "get under the hood" and really customize how things appeared/worked in terms of tabs, menus, etc. Well, most of that was fixed with the upgrade to FF2 ... it's still not quite where I'd like it to be (I can't seem to get the stuff on the "Bookmarks Toolbar" to open in a new tab when clicked, for example, and I'd really like to flip the order of "Open Link in New Window"/"Open Link in New Tab" on the pop-up menu from right-clicking on a link), but it's a lot closer than the earlier version.

However, I'm finding all sorts of cool things that I wasn't expecting. As noted (back in that post about stamps), if you open up a graphic (i.e. do "view image") a tiny version of it appears both in the navigation bar, and on the tab (and it even keeps animated .gifs' animation in the miniature versions!). Also, it seems to have a built-in spellchecker, with wavy red underlines just like in MSWord, which has been a great help in things like posting comments in L.J. or in the Groups over on LibraryThing. These are just the new features I've noticed. Anybody know of other cool things FF2 does that I've not noticed yet?

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