BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK, so the day was not a TOTAL disaster

But it was sure heading in that direction. We had Daughter #1's "history fair" tonight, with features a pot-luck dinner with (ideally) "culturally significant" dishes. We were supposed to have been over there at 5:30 but were a half hour late because The Wife (without telling me) decided that she was going to skip that and just show up later for the fair ... I had even asked her (at about 5:10) "shouldn't we be getting going?" to which she shrugged and said something to the effect of "Well, it' not till 5:30.". So I waited, and waited, and eventually The Girls came in and wondered when we were heading out. I totally lost it at that point (it had been a real swell day anyway), and we stormed over to their school, getting there about 6:00 ... now, I hate being late to anything ... it always seems the biggest "avoidable failure" and it makes me crazy, especially when Other People fuck with my schedule.

Anyway ... we ate ... we looked at the History Fair projects (Daughter #1 did hers on the Eastland Disaster) ... #2 ran around and snagged balloons ... and we came home.

As I noted earlier (in the context of some motherfucking bot cutting me off at 3 seconds to close), I had been doing some Jay&Marie music shopping ... these are that eBay mega-seller (doing about 20,000 sales a month!) which starts all their auctions off at a penny. My "game" is to go in, find things that aren't bid on as yet that look interesting, listen to the 30-second clips of the albums via the Amazon listings, and then try to get a bunch (10-12) of CDs for 1¢ each. I was worried that this was going to drag on when I had several "near misses", but I finally just got the 12th one won. So, I will have a bunch of new music in a week or so, for the total damages of $14.67 (of which $0.22 was the costs of the CDs ... one came through at a whopping 11¢ ... with the rest being shipping). Not bad getting 12 albums for the price of 1 (sounds like an intro deal on a record club!).

Anyway, at least that feels good after the buzzsaw nightmare the rest of this day was.

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