BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Decisions, decisions, decisions ...

What to read? What to read? What to read ... next?

I have been plowing through one very long (& large format) and not exactly "snappy" book on Tibetan Art ... I'm about 80% done with that at the moment, leading me to wonder what to slot in there when I'm done with it. This has taken up the "space" that is usually set for my math/science/philosophy books (so, looking back through my catalog, you can see that I've been "in that book" since about 1/29), but I figured it would be a "slow read" and scheduled stuff around it accordingly.

I have another "Tibetan picture book" (which, like the last one reviewed, spent a long time sitting out on a coffee table in my old living room some 15-20 years ago), that I've also been a bit bogged down in (due to it having a lot more text than I had anticipated), but I'm within a dozen pages (of text) of the end of that, so you may be seeing a review in the near future.

I have one other book "in the works", this a newagey sort of thing, which I've been schlepping up to Dojo with me to read while The Girls are in class. I will likely "pivot" that into the slot currently held by the latter picture book, so I am currently looking at what "new direction" I want to take. I have now pretty much caught up with all my back-log of books on things Tibetan, so can happily veer off elsewhere.

I would prefer to slot a science book back where I've been working on the Tibetan Art book, but "my brain's hurting" from some of my recent reads (I may have to actually read some fiction to rinse things out!), and most of the appropriate books in my to-be-read piles and boxes are real beasties that make me think that another few thousand rounds of Microsoft Solitaire might be a more appealing use of my time! Heck, it's not just the science books left on the shelves that have me exhibiting avoidance behaviors, in my older "general" back-log I also have some monsters lurking, like the 666-page Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience, the 742-page The Other Bible: Ancient Alternative Scriptures, the 2,097-page The Urantia Book, the 1,188-page A Course In Miracles, the 960-page The Confessions of Aleister Crowley, the 700-page The Golden Dawn, and the 864-page The Golden Bough (yes, I read much of that in college, but figure I need it in my head eventually), among many others not in arm's reach.

Thanks to kind relatives who took the hint about getting me Amazon gift certificates for both my birthday and xmas, I have actually been on a bit of a buying streak of late, and have five "shamanic" books waiting, five "atheistic" books waiting, 3-4 "neocon" books waiting, and (thanks to one of the dollar stores) a few biographies. I'm suspecting that I'll slide back into the Shamanic books to start (3 more by Castenada should be as good as fiction for my brain), although some Mona Charon and/or Richard Dawkins do seem quite appealing at the moment!

Decisions, decisions, decisions ...

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