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Font Cataloging?

{EDIT - 12:15pm}

Well, to quote Miss Emily Litella ... "Never mind."!

With a bit more digging, I eventually found Font Xplorer, which not only does exactly what I wanted it to do, but it had also just recently been shifted over to "Freeware" (yay!), because the current version is not compatible with Windows Vista, and they're working on a new one for that. So, I'm a happy camper. I've already tested it out on one of my Fonts CDs, and it did a swell job with one of its default print-out templates (although I think I may end up tweaking that a bit for margins, given that I'm planning on 3-hole punching the pages). If you were looking for something similar, go check it out!

Hey ...

I've been noticing the general paucity of fonts that I have installed on my "new" system. Now, I have bazillions of fonts (well, perhaps not by actual count, but you get the idea) strewn across dozens of CDs here (many of which used to live on my old system), and I'd really like to get some easy, compact, and convenient way to let me know what is where.

At one point a long, long time ago, I had manually constructed a catalog (yep, install the fonts, highlight the text, change the font, repeat to fill page, print the page, uninstall the fonts, etc., etc., etc. as long as my OCD could manage), but there's got to be a better way!

I've been poking around looking for a (preferably free) font cataloger program, and I've been less than inspired by the results of my search. There is one that's an add-on for WordPerfect (which I do have installed), so I could go with that, but I'm amazed that there isn't some real basic Windows app to let you pop in a CD of fonts, point the software at it, and have it generate pages with the fonts printed out (I will grudgingly admit that there seem to be Mac programs that do this very thing)! One would think that, for as long as TrueType, etc., has been around, that there would be lots of these out there, but all I can find are supposedly "Shareware" (back in the day "Shareware" meant that it was fully functional, but if you found it useful you'd send the developer a check) versions of commercial products which expire in 15-30 days. I ain't gonna get this done in 15-30 days.

I've downloaded and taken a look at a couple of "Freeware" things, but neither of them had the print option that is the key to what I need (what I want to end up with is a 3-ring binder with print-outs corresponding to each Font CD that I have, so that I can flip through the binder, find a font, and know right away what disc to pop into the computer). Anybody have any suggestions???


What I'd like would be very much like FNTPRN.EXE (a tidy little program that PCMAG put out in 1993), but with the ability to look at other locations other than the C:/WINDOWS/Fonts directory. This produces out-put much like what I was hoping for, but only for what you have installed. Again, any suggestions would be appreciated!

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