BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

oooh ... cool lyric

OK ... so, I'm slow sometimes ... or maybe the stuff I'm listening to these days has hard-to-decipher lyrics .. but I've had Type O Negative's World Coming Down in the CD player for several days now (yeah, I'm THAT lazy ... rather listen to one CD over and over and over again than having to go though the decision process involved in putting in a new one) but this snippet:

                    Life's a game I cannot win
                    both good and bad
                    must surely end
                    the mirrors
                    always tell the truth
                    I love myself
                    for hating you ...
                    Who will save the sane?

from Everyone I Love Is Dead slipped into my conscious mind today and got one of those "WOW" moments ... "Life's a game I cannot win ..." sounds REAL familar!

Heh ... just your "daily dose of depression" in case you've been missing MY poetry!

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