BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A "good" CTA morning ...

OK, so today was different. I had to go back over to the City clinic to see how the TB test turned out (I'm good to go), and wanted to get there, and then back downtown, before my $5 one-day pass from yesterday expired at 8:48am.

Actually, I missed the #70 Division bus as it looped past the back of my block on Dearborn (it was crossing the street when I was about 1/2 block away. Fortunately, it had to go two more blocks south, one block west, and two more blocks north before it got to the next stop down the block for me, so I just hurried over west and beat it to the corner with about, oh, a minute to spare! This then took me directly to the clinic, arriving about 5 minutes before they opened. The nurse had told me to come directly back to her office when I got there, and the whole process took maybe 5 minutes. I then crossed back over to the S.E. corner of Division and Western, arriving at that bus stop with the eastbound #70 about a block away. I took this as far east as Halsted, and hopped off there, and saw that the southbound Halsted bus was pretty much to the corner, but didn't have the light, so I had time to duck around the corner and made the 1/4 block distance to the stop in the same time it took the bus to get there.

All in all, remarkably well coordinated transportation this morning!

This put me down in Greek Town (across the highway from the CTC where I'm currently updating this) about 8:30am, so I wandered around looking for a likey breakfast spot and ended up at "Mr. Greek" and had a "skillet" with hashbrowns, Gyros meat, veggies, a couple of eggs, toast, and coffee for under $6 (I don't know when the last time was that I went out for breakfast!). Not bad. So I ate, read some of the current book that I'm schlepping around, finished my coffee and headed over here (via Wallgreens to pick up an Arizona Iced Tea ... even though they didn't have "my flavor"). Got signed in, paged through the job listing book (nada, as usual), made a couple of copies, and am about to buzz next door for the Wednesday "peer group" session.

Fascinating, eh?

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