BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

wow ...

I heard from The Wife that she'd taken a call from another mutual friend of my Mom's friend who died on Friday, and he was trying to explain that she'd been trying to hide the fact that she was sick again from me because she "didn't want to have to try to say goodbye". This is making me feel real funky.

She'd been the "rum runner to the rectory" when my Mom was pregnant with me (yeah, back in those days they weren't telling folks not to drink when pregnant), going over two fences from her house to the Rectory of the church where my Dad was minister. So, she'd been there the whole of my life ... it just feels so strange that she couldn't bring me in for her last days. It turns out that most of the rest of her group of friends were with her constantly at the hospital over the past couple of weeks.

I guess I'll hear more at the memorial service and wake. I'm just feeling adrift here at the moment.

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