BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

not that anybody cares ...

I just wanted to say that my most recent haul from Jay&Marie (12 CDs for a whopping $14.67 total, with shipping even!), has been uniformly excellent so far. Now, I'm only 5 CDs into the 12 that I won, but for "pig in a poke" snags of "never heard of" bands (well, admittedly, I do give them a fairly careful listen, 30-seconds at a time, on Amazon before I bid!), that's doing pretty good.

I'm currently listening to the You Can't Handle The Tooth (vol.01) compilation from Tooth&Nail records, and it's great ... with some bands that I will have to keep an eye out for subsequently on Jay&Marie!

Just sayin' ... it's great to have new music despite being painfully broke and on insolvency's door!

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