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I suppose I should be relieved, but I can't get Second Life to work on my computer.

I got lured in by the folks at LibraryThing, which will be having an "event" tomorrow, crashing a weekly get-together that the BookMooch site hosts there. I'd heard various folks on my F.L. here talk about SecondLife and I figured, hey, why not?

Unfortunately, its client doesn't seem to like my hardware. It tells me, before it loads, that it needs an "updated VIA AGP chipset driver", and then sends me off to the main SecondLife web site, but there is no hint of any such updated driver over there (yes, I do have a support request in). As I'm not likely to be running out to upgrade my hardware just to mess with this, I'm thinking that I'm fucked.

Too bad, though ... I came up with an awesome user name ... Eschatos Graves!

Dang ... googled around a bit and found the data on my graphics card, and the current driver that's installed is more recent than any they have for download from the manufacturer's website. So, unless SecondLife has its own internal drivers (it wasn't clear on that point), I guess I'm shit out of luck.

{further edit}
OK, so I've tried to get in this thing a half a dozen times now, and each time I hit "connect", it goes through this loading process, with a bar that gets anywhere to 90-99% loaded (the last thing it says is "precaching"), and then it just blinks out of existence and I'm looking at my desktop. Dunno. This sucks.

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