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Things have gotten so "touchy" over on the LibraryThing boards that I ended up doing something that I haven't felt a need to do, well, since I used to hang out on IRC ... a real-live easy-to-access "Enemies List" (I know, "how Nixon of me!").

I think the main problem there is that L.T. is full of web newbies who think that discussion areas are tea parties with white gloves, and when somebody expresses a rather pointed opinion, they react like they found a slug crawling up the side of their teacup. Fucking wimps. Plus, there's a handful of Europeans who seem to feel that it's a huge conspiracy that L.T. isn't 100% seamless in their local Woggie blather, who go on rants that are simultaneously reeking of paranoia and entitlement, and then get affronted when somebody (can't imagine who that might be) suggests that L.T. would be better served if Tim & Co. focused on fixing stuff that's broke and getting the service up to "better than Beta" (despite Tim's insistence of keeping L.T. in a perpetual "Beta") before addressing the usability of the site in Bantu (or whatever)!

Anyway, I seem to have become known as the local curmudgeon (or, as some have whined: "one bad apple") over there and have various shit-for-brains asswipes even trying to bait me into flame wars. We shall see. At least now I'll know who's who. As ugly as some dust-ups have gotten around here (I think at last count I'm banned from 5 or 6 journals), I haven't had a serious "it's a good day to die" on-line battle since L.J. started (i.e., when I more-or-less left IRC)!

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