BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

still here ...

Yeah, not wrting anything ... busy, busy, busy ... not sleeping much either (well, except for those times with my face on the desk) ... trying to get things rolling ... need MORE TIME, DAMMIT! This whole new Unicity program kicks ass ... need to get everything set up ... need to get time to call. Damn ... I wish people were up for me calling them late. I managed to miss all the calls tonight since I'm just now back at my desk. Damn.

Make me happy. Go to my web site at least sign up for the newsletter. Groovy things coming. Can't wait.

By the way ... some news for Eschaton ... heard back from a short-run print group that might just be able to work for us ... our books will cost more to produce ... but we'll be able to print up like 25 copies at a go ... true print-on-demand ... it could save our ass!

Now, will somebody JUST FUCKING HIRE ME???? I still need money, and need it soon.

And time ... need MORE TIME!!!!!

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