BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, fucking great ...

I just got this note back from the SecondLife folks:
Your log files show that your graphics card (Radeon 7000) is incompatible with Second Life, which means that, unfortunately, SecondLife cannot run on your computer.
This, of course, being the goddamn graphics card that I specifically bought to be able to run SecondLIfe, and (of course) mere hours after investing in more RAM for my system.

So, now I'm looking at shoveling MORE money out the door if I want to play this stupid fucking game. It really pisses me off that they don't SCREAM the details of what you need to play that shit when you sign up ... if I had been "walked through it" I could have spend $5 more than I initially did (for the video card) and been (from what I see now) good to go. But at that point I had no fucking idea about the differences in video cards, having never had a fucking need for one previously, so blindly went out and ordered one.

Frankly, it pisses me off that they don't have some "dull but functional" level that would work with the "integrated graphics" that came with my computer, and that when they first indicated that I had to go "above and beyond" that to make this stupid fucking sack of shit game work they didn't specifically say "this is the minimum, anything which does not say X, Y, or Z will not work", because, come on, if I'm trying to use the fucking thing on a system with "integrated graphics", it probably is a good indication that I don't have a fucking clue about graphics cards!

Damn them to fucking hell.

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