BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A busy day ...

Well, I got tabbed to do the "Easter Bunny" thing last night, but found that my "hiding the eggs" job must have been judged insufficient, as everything had been re-shuffled before i got up. Maybe next year The Wife will just do it in the first place. When I was a kid we never did a big "hunt", and the "hiding places" were all carefully picked to make sure that nothing got "lost" ... I guess my initial distribution fell on this side of the balance, and The Wife wanted the kids spending more time in the search. I was pissed, however, to find several of the goodies had migrated into my office.

Anyhoo, after The Girls had found all the loot (and we made sure we had a firm count on the hard-boiled eggs), we headed off to Chinatown for brunch. On a day that the concept of "brunch" only brings up horrid visions of packed restaurants and folks dressed for church, going down for Dim Sum was delightfully low-key. Plus we were able to get down there, eat, and then get back up to Navy Pier on one fare/transfer. They had a "spring fest" going at Navy Pier, although it was primarily for kids a lot younger than ours. Daughter #1, especially, was bored (the only thing they had that she liked was this pitching cage with radar guns), so she and The Wife eventually peeled off to go over to the Children's Museum (right across from where the spring thing was) and hung out at the very cool new Blue Man Group exhibit while I let Daughter #2 run through a few more climb/bounce/etc. things. We eventually caught up with them, messed around with all the "Blue Man" stuff, and then (after #2 had gotten all huffy that the outside rides were running, contrary to what The Wife had insisted), let them go one time on the big "Wave Swinger" ride.

Despite my feeling of "getting nothing accomplished" this weekend, I managed to finish repairing the wall in the kitchen (where the hanging fruit/vegetable baskets pulled their support out a week or so back) and re-hang the baskets, "fixing" Daughter #1's computer (it wasn't the computer that was the problem, it was the outlet that it was connected to that suddenly went dead, with no breakers flipped ... still don't know what the deal was with that, but I got a 24' grounded extension cord and just bypassed it to hook into an outlet on the other side of the room), and getting Daughter #2 up to speed on the stuff she's going to be tested on this week (I don't know why every time The Wife and her try to "do homework" it ends up as a knock-down-drag-out ... she's perfectly OK with me working on it).

I just wish I could get something going on the job front. I thrash and flail and crank out resumes and go to networking events, but nothing ever seems to come of it. Very, very depressing.

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