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OK, so I got the new video card ... an EVGA e-GeForce FX5200 (which SecondLife says is supported) ... and I install it. WTF? My screen is totally screwed up ... everything is "squished" by about 1/4 (i.e. if a screen item, say an icon, is supposed to be square, it's now a vertical rectangle, about 3x4 WxH)! Also, there is a big black area at the bottom of the screen and the top of my desktop is irretrievably off the top of the screen ... and their "move" control won't let me bring the image down any farther!

This is driving me insane. Of course, this is effecting EVERYTHING, all graphics, all text, it's all compressed. The EVGA "support" page says that they'll get back to requests in 2 business days. What a fucking pain in the ass.

This is it ... if I can't get this motherfucking piece of shit video card to work ... to Hell with SecondLife, and anything that works like it. I'll go back to my "integrated" graphics and curse the whole goddamned "gaming world".

On a positive note, TigerDirect let me return the other board, and their "customer satisfaction" rep even set it up so that they'd credit me with the shipping charges on this one (which was exactly the same price), so I'm only (additionally) going to be out the $3.87 it cost me to send back the old one. At least that's something.

It does royally piss me off that the OTHER board worked fine (but "wasn't good enough" for SecondLife), while this one (while theoretically being "good enough" for SecondLife ... I haven't tried it yet), is totally fucked as far as my monitor is concerned!

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