BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

So, there I was ...

I've had yet another "Brendan in the blender" week, and have been hither, yon, and frequently thither, leading me to have not as much "keyboard time" as I'm used to (just in case you were wondering what had become of ol' btripp of late).

Anyway, I got in from taking the Guinea Pigs to their third (and hopefully last) trip out to the Critter Vet and sat down to have a bite of lunch. I turned on FoxNews (as there didn't seem to be any Poker on this early) and there was a big discussion on how The View (a show that I do not recall ever having actually seen, but which does seem to get talked about quite a lot) was going to keep their ratings up now that the execrable Rosie O'Donnell has opted to take her treasonous lardbutt off to darken other media outlets. The various FoxNews chit-chatters were obviously pleased about Rosie going away, but seemed to think that The View was going to be hard-pressed to fill the hole left by the exit of all that hot air.

Then I had an IDEA!

What better person to "shake things up" at the generally left-leaning The View than the brilliant, snarky, and always willing to be quotable Ms. Ann Coulter!

I'd watch, but I'm an Ann fanboy ... in anycase I'm sure it would be a culture crash that would be a lot of fun to rubberneck!

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