BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Dollar store ...

Wow ... now, I've bitched about the big "dollar store" up by Dojo going to a model where they have a lot of stuff for a dollar, but also have some more expensive stuff (the highest ticket item I think I've seen was $20), but we got a "win" up there today! They just got in some Fantastic 4 Electronic Clobberin' Time Thing toys for just five bucks ... which you can see are going for $35.99 on Amazon! I guess these are being "cleared out" (places like Walmart had these on clearance on their sites but are all sold out) in preparation for a new set of F4 toys coming out this summer, but The Girls were thrilled to get The Thing with two different punches, 10 phrases, and changing facial expressions. I took a peek, and there are already a bunch of these on eBay ... not surprising (assuming that all the Deals stores got in some of these).

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