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Yes, those of you paying attention to the parade of books here may have noticed that I've been beating myself over the head with "positive thinking" and "attracting abundance" kind of books of late, because, well, I've been in a job search for way too long and figure that what I've been doing ain't working and at this point I'd give nearly anything a shot, even (shudder) "positivity".

Since I was on this particular streak, I decided I'd throw Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer's Creating Money: Keys to Abundance into the mix. Now, I've had this sitting around for nearly six years, having been recommended to me by Ana Voog way back in 2001 (when the writing was on the wall as far as the viability of my old publishing company, and I was starting to look for a new gig). While I'd bought the book back then (and read a chapter or two into it), this was not what I was looking for at that point in time, and so ended up in a nearly-buried stack of stuff that I was "sort of reading". However, since I've been doing stuff like The Secret and The Four Agreements of late, this seemed to be a natural addition to the current reading line-up.

One of the things that I'd forgotten about Creating Money was that it was a channeled book, handed down by Roman & Packer's "spirit guides" Orin and DaBen ... and, frankly, I typically have way too much cynicism to take any "channeled" book seriously, but this one surprised me. I mean, how atypical for a "newage" tome is it to have this sort of caveat:
"Inner guidance directs you to your higher good. Learning to distinguish inner guidance from wishful or fearful thinking is one of your challenges."
Amazingly, this book is far more "hard edged" than a lot of "career" books I've gone through (although haven't included in my library or reviewed) of late, with many points where one might expect some gooshy newage platitude only to find these "spirit guides" telling the reader to take a long hard look at what talents, personality traits, and willingness to work they're bringing to the table!

Of course, this book is, at heart, a "look inside for your Higher Purpose" sort of thing, with meditation exercises, etc., each chapter has worksheets (OK, they're actually called "playsheets") to lead the reader pick through their situation to figure out where they should be heading with their search. Personally, I'm not a great fan of these things, but the ones in Creating Money are no worse than those in any dozen "professional" job quest books, and these frequently "cut to the chase" more that a lot of those.

Now, I have a pretty good fix on the "higher purpose" and "concrete goals" sorts of things (after six years of this crap), so a lot of where the book was leading, I'd already been; but for folks (and I've shared this with a couple of folks down at the CTC who were making "career changes" and were very eager to do some of this sort of self-analysis) trying to figure out what they want to do with themselves, this is a good resource. Structurally, the book is set up in four main sections, "Creating Money", "Developing Mastery", "Creating Your Life's Work", and "Having Money", with several chapters to each, pretty much all with self-reflection exercises attached. There are also many dozens of "affirmations" spread through the book, which they recommend that you randomly flip through to read, although these are also themed to the particular material of the chapters in which they appear.

Oddly enough, this does appear to still be in print (in an edition that came out 15 years ago), so you should be able to get a copy from your local bookseller, but it can be had "used" as well through the usual suspects. If you're looking at a job transition, or just trying to get yourself "attuned for abundance", this is not a bad book to work with ... almost despite having been "channeled" by the authors' "spirit guides"!

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