BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ...

I had a phone call late this evening from an old girlfriend who I, literally, thought was dead! That was a very strange experience. The last time I'd heard from her was probably pretty close to 20 years ago, and she was having some serious health issues at that time, and when I couldn't subsequently track her down, I assumed the worst.

I still don't know why exactly she called, maybe she was transferring info from an old phone file to a new one and thought she'd try my number (one of the advantages of living at the same place for 26 years is that my info's not changed in a quarter century!). She said she'd write me a letter ... so I guess I'll find out if she's got any "agenda" when I see that.

Oddly enough, she had "passed through my mind" just the other day when I was reading Creating Money ... maybe she picked up on that current!

She is yet another old friend of mine who is NOT on the Internet ... don't know what it is about these folks which has them living "off the web", but it's damned frustrating. Heck, one of my best buddies from college doesn't even have a phone, so if you need to talk to him you have to track him down at work.



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