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Well, it took me quite a while to play through that last stack of CDs I got on eBay (from the end of February) ... I popped the last of them into my desktop stereo today, and was very pleased. This was "The Eyes of the Basilisk" by Path of Debris ... and it's a very listenable "death metal" disk.

As those who've paid attention to my music ramblings may recall, I've been on an on-going quest for "death metal" that's not silly, by which I mean they keep the "Beelzebub with a throat infection" and "squeal like a piggy" vocal stylings to a bare minimum and actually make some interesting music. Path of Debris fits these requirements admirably, but, unfortunately, they seem to have been a one-album band (as this came out in 1999 and it's the only thing by them listed on Amazon).

Lest anybody think that this is the genre of choice for my desk life, the CD that preceded it was "The Best of the Arthur Lyman Group", who you've probably heard if you've ever waited in line at Disney to see the Tiki Birds.

As I've noted, I've been getting most of my music of late via eBay auctions by Jay & Marie, who start all their bazillions of auctions (hundreds a day) at 1¢ ... my "goal" is to get 12-15 CDs at as close to that penny as possible ... the first CD costs $3.45 to ship, but the rest go out for just $1 shipping, so if I get 12 CDs, that comes to $14.45 for shipping, plus 12¢ (or more if somebody else bids, but doesn't over-bid me) for the actual CDs ... under fifteen bucks for a dozen CDs ain't a bad way to keep me in a lot of new music!

Of course, most of the time I've never heard of the bands I'm getting, but via the magic of Amazon's 30-second clips, I'm at least able to preview the CDs before I bid, so most of the time I get stuff that I don't mind listening to. Since this was the last of my February/March haul, I decided to treat myself to another "shopping expedition", and I've currently "won" 2, "not won" 2, am "winning" on 12 and "not winning" on 3, with 21 or so hours to go on the stuff that I have bids on.

Man, it's a long way from when I was a P.R. exec making a six-figure income.

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