BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

One Good Thing ... or is that three?

OK ... so I can't be accused of JUST bitching in here ... I got three things done between last night and this afternoon that I've been kicking down the "to-do" list for ages .... I have FINALLY updated my various old RSI sites to be Unicity Network sites. This was, of course, hampered by freakiness in the web hosting department (why is it that almost every time I try to FTP something into a site that I don't mess with much, the permissions have all expired and I have to get a hold of tech support? ... bleh!), but I finally got everything up and working, with new essays, new graphics, and a few added things ... now, for all intents and purposes these three are the same site, but they're up and working, just in case you're bored enough to look ...

visit my home page

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