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Looptopia ...

Got to see mark40e's presentation at Looptopia (an all-night free "arts festival" in downtown Chicago) tonight. Daughter #1 is having a sleep-over with 3 other 11-year-old girls, and my assignment was to keep Daughter #2 entertained and out of the way (she creates amazing amounts of chaos with her sister's friends), so I dragged her along. We'd actually gone up to see #1's last soccer game of the season (they won by default due to the other team not showing up) and took the bus downtown from there while The Wife dragged the older girls to dinner in a cab.

We mainly wandered around, watching the various street or display window performances (we also saw meryddian's photo installation in one of the windows at the Sears store), grabbed some dinner, watched some more street theater, and eventually made it over to the Chase building to catch Mark's show. Being as #2 is only 7, she was dragging pretty much by the time he got done at 10:30pm, but we still caught some of the "spectacular" that RedMoon was doing (they had six or seven of the "street theater" things going simultaneously for most of the evening) up at Daley Plaza, before she decided it was time to head home.

Now, Looptopia is going on all night (the last stuff ends at 6am), so I'd probably be still down there if it were just up to me, but I'm glad that things conspired to make it convenient for me to at least show up and to be able to "represent" for LiveJournal to some extent!

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