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Got some pics off the camera ...

I wish I could just will shots from the camera to my main computer, but right now I have a system set up where the stuff goes from camera to laptop, where it gets tidied up (rotating "portrait" shots), re-named, indexed and organized, and only then can I think about dumping stuff off onto a flash drive to walk between systems!

Oh, well. Just be glad you're not this neurotic!

First up, is a pic of the Fullerton El station house, all wrapped up in black metal bands and ready to move! In the course of the upgrading the Brown Line they decided that the old station houses were "historic" enough to save, but too small to actually use, so they're being moved around ... in the case of the Fullerton and Belmont station houses, they're scheduled to go right across the street from where they had been, to serve as concession spaces.

I took this shot about a week ago, but have since noticed that the station house is now "parked" about a block north in an empty lot, awaiting the construction at Fullerton to get to the point where they can put it where it's going to be. I guess it's nice that they're at least making the effort to preserve something while converting over to nice new (and ADA-compliant) stations.

I noted previously that Daughter #2 and I and gone down to Looptopia (an all-night multi-venue arts festival) last Friday night, and had checked out some LiveJournalers' offerings ... here's the shot I took of meryddian's photo installation over on the south side of the Sears store. I think that they could have done a better job of drawing attention to the art installations, something like a common "LOOPTOPIA ARTSHOW" banner across the top of the windows, or the like, would have helped ... especially as they shifted location on some of the displays from what had initially been published.

This is mark40e doing his "Nights of Whiskey and Roses" performance, reading stories, each themed to a slide from some of his travels. He had an interesting system for letting the audience know when he was transitioning between pieces ... taking a swig from the Jack & Coke he had made at the start of the performance! I take it that he was sort of jerked around on the scheduling, though ... having to cut down a 45-minute piece to fit a 30-minute slot ... I can only figure that Chase was limiting the time they wanted folks inside their building (he was down in the Chase Auditorium), while Looptopia had stuff scheduled on till 6am.

It was cool to finally meet Mark, as he'd been living pretty much right around the corner from me for several years, but our schedules had never quite been in synch to run into each other (he was chasing Rush St. "bimbonics" while I was chasing around after my toddlers!). Of course now that he's married and has a kid of his own, he's moved out of the neighborhood, but I guess he's still more-or-less downtown. With any luck I'll have a chance to grab a cup of coffee with him sometime and get a copy of the "booklet" he was handing out after the show ... I had a very tired 7-year-old on my hands, so we opted to not try to work our way through the crowd that had gathered at the stage.

Anyway, that's all I snagged tonight. I wish that more of my Looptopia shots had come out, but most were either blurry from shooting without the flash, or washed out from shooting with the flash. I'm very frustrated that the last two or three years of photos I've shot have looked crappy because I just can't get the sort of shots I want from these dang digital cameras!

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