BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, and ...

So, here I was, trying desperately to waste some time "usefully", and managed to get a new LJ userpic done! I'd been wanting to do one featuring my building, for those "downtown, high-rise living" sorts of posts, and had taken various shots that could work for that. This wasn't the best from the standpoint of dramatic angle or great lighting but it did lend itself to having "BTRIPP" slapped onto a quarter of it, and it was sitting there in my "LJ" subdirectory.

I'm still trying to work up one that would be a good representation of the view from up here ... but squeezing a "horizon shot" down to a 100x100px square is frequently frustrating in terms of the end result. I have one (here, featuring my very low LJ user number), but that's not quite the feel I'm looking for. Oh, well ... digital "film" is cheap ... I guess I can just keep shooting stuff until something grabs me!

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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