BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hello from Springfield!

So, there I was, having just had breakfast in the hotel lobby, and I noticed a computer sitting in a closet labeled with a sign saying "Business Center". Since the hotel boasts about having free internet service, I figured I'd see about getting online!

I got "drafted" (by The Wife) into being a chaperone on Daughter #1's class trip to Springfield, IL (pretty much a 5th or 6th grade "rite of passage" for every student in the state) and am "in charge" (with another parent) of #1 and the rest of her Fearsome Foursome (the same gals that were staying over at our place last Friday). I just gave them a wake-up call (frankly, I was surprised they weren't up as yet ... glad I called) to remind them that we need to be ON the bus in 2 hours and that means that 4 girls need to get mobile, clean up what I hear tell is a trashed room, grab some breakfast, pack, and be ready to roll in an hour and a half.

Yesterday was OK, although we got way off schedule due to road construction on the south side (you would think that the travel group would have figured extra time for this), so we ended up having our "sack lunches" on the bus rather than at the "Springfield Welcome Center", and had to truncate our visit to the Lincoln law office. I guess we were back on schedule by the time we hit "Lincoln's Neighborhood", a 4-block large "National Park" centered around the Lincoln home, the whole area being restored to it's 1850's look. After a brief, yet chaotic, stop at a souvenir shop, we headed over to a museum, then to Old Country Buffet, then to an "action park" (mainly miniature golf, a driving range, and batting cages at this point) where I fed in way too many quarters into a Claw Machine to win #1 a purple kitty (it's going to be WAY too soon when it will be the boys in that role, I fear).

We didn't get to the hotel until about 9pm, and that was a bit of a chaotic scene as well, but they were enforcing a "lights out" at 10:30pm and actually had security guards posted in the halls to make sure no kids were out of their rooms after that point!

Today we do the Old Capitol, the New Capitol, and a few other Springfield sights (Springfield is one of those state capitols that is a very small town, not much down here but the State government, related offices, and "Lincoln" stuff). I hope that I'll be able to find the legendary Lincoln Head Mold-a-rama machine down here ... it's one of those things that I recall from when I was down here as a kid, and it would be cool to get another for #1! We're scheduled to be heading back north by noon, with a stop someplace on the way for lunch and getting back to MY neighborhood by 6pm.

I hope that folks haven't been posting excessively since Monday night ... I'm only caught up on reading my FL up to that point, and I'd hate to get home all exhausted and have 300 posts to wade through!

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