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Santa brought The Girls little USB-drive/MP3-player combo units in December, and we (being slow-adapting folks) just got around to trying to put music on these last night. Now (and I know this is going to be shocking), I had never attempted to "rip" any music, so my first task was figuring that out, fortunately, the latest version of Windows Media Player (v11), is pretty much idiot-proof, and I was amazed at how fast and easy it was to get the files onto the computer.

We, unfortunately, then made the mistake of trying to "figure out" the MP3 player rather than just going into plug-and-play mode (well, that's not quite the whole story, but p/p wasn't working at first) and tried the typically rather radical "RTFM procedure". I suspect that one of the reasons that it takes me forever to get new equipment installed is that I'm not "comfortable" with it until I've read and understood the manual that comes with it. Anyway, I get into the "manual" for this little MP3 player and I encounter:
• Battery
This player adopts 9 class amount of electricities supervise and control.

When battery electricity measures to 1.5V show all and full, when you use for a long time, electricity will reduce.
When battery uses up almost, diagram the mark is central to change into the blank, at this time should on time replace the battery.
Now, if that's explaining how to read the battery gauge (and I'd like to point out that there was no diagram or instructions for where/how to actually install a battery ... which at least the outer box informed us was a triple-A), you can imagine what the various operation instructions sounded like!

Anyway, we have a couple of albums dumped onto Daughter #1's player (which holds 1gig, so there's a ton of room) and now that we've worked out most of the bugs, we'll attempt to load some stuff onto Daughter #2's. I just hope they can figure out all the functions of the player by messing around with it, because Daddy's not interfacing well with the "let's pretend this is in English" manual!

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