BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Why the fuck do I bother?

Yeah ... 90% of what I spend my time on is ignored. Like even bothering to post those URLs in the last missive ... since I have brand-new counters on those pages I can TELL that nobody clicked on them ... it's like the folks who are purportedly in my Unicity downline ... I send out messages to them on AOL (where most of them have dial-up), and can tell that on the whole they DELETE my messages unread. WHY DO I FUCKING BOTHER? It's like Eschaton with the damn Pagan "community" ... it's like the harder you try, the less good it does.

Man, some days I just feel like getting some brain-dead job, write my poetry, and wait to be dead to have anybody read my shit. Humanity is a big stinky shit bag full of nastiness.

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