BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Almost like old times ...

I've spent the past few days pulling together stuff for a table we're doing at The Girls' school's "Around The Owl" art fair. Not that we're selling any art, but the option is also there to get a table to shill for stuff like our Tutoring services. It's almost like getting ready for a press conference back in my P.R. days ... and generating propaganda seems to be one of my "flow" experiences as it never quite seems to get old for me!

Each time we do this, I try to come up with some "fun" free thing to hand out. The last time it was little bubble things from the dollar store (12/$1), this year I've taped 8" glowsticks (15/$1) onto our main info cards ... I'll tell the kids they can have the glowstick if they take the card home to their folks! I also got a bunch of candy as a "table lure", and have put together a hundred copies of the latest ClubZ! newsletter, along with info about the summer programs, study skills program, etc. all being "clipped" together with one of our pens. I hope that folks take the info ... it's so damned depressing to have to pack up at the end of one of these things with 90% of the stuff you brought still on the table (the extra stuff in with the newsletters I actually printed for a "summer activity fair" last year that ended up that way).

The Girls' Dojo also has a big summer promotion, and I have a few hundred "VIP Passes" good for a free month and a free uniform (it's really a great deal), and I've done a display for those as well. I've stamped The Girls' names on these in the "sponsor" field and they get an entry into a drawing (for a trip to Disney World!) for each person that uses one of those passes ... so we have some interest in this ... plus it's always good to have yet another freebie!

As I said down at the "peer group" at CTC on Wednesday, maybe having my computer die on Monday was the Universe telling me to pay attention to this event! Needless to say, I'm still waiting for the "parts" computer that I bought on eBay earlier this week to show up, so I've been exiled from most of my files in the interim. I'm hoping that will show up today or tomorrow, so I'll be back up and running for next week.

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