BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

busy weekend ...

I didn't get to half of the stuff that I'd intended to, but had a very busy couple of days anyway. Saturday was a remarkably nice day in downtown Chicago, so I suggested that we head down to Blues Fest once The Girls and I got back from their martial arts classes.

We ended up not getting going until after 6pm, so missed several of the stages down there, but came in right at the "Front Porch" stage, and caught some of Khalif Wailin' Walter's set, before The Wife decided that we needed to do something about feeding the kids.

Now, you don't just buy stuff at the various Fests, you have to buy food/beverage tickets (the oddly dispensed 11 for $7), which involves waiting in a 20-some-person-long line, just to buy the tickets that you'll need when you go stand in the other lines. So, while The Wife waited in line, The Girls and I went to check out what sounded good to them, and how many tickets we'd likely be needing for same. Daughter #2 and I thought the Thai stuff sounded good, and #1 wanted something from the thing next to that. After about 15-20 minutes we had our tickets, got some beverages, and started the long wait for food. I thought that The Wife and #1 were sure beat us back to where we were going to meet up, but #2 and I managed to get our Thai food (after about another 15-20 minute wait in line) and finish eating before they appeared.

By the time we got cleaned up it was about time for the last act (Magic Slim and the Tear Drops) to go on at the main stage, so we worked our way out onto the lawn. We actually managed to get a fairly decent spot, and settled in. Daughter #2, however, began fading soon thereafter, and The Wife opted to take her on home, with #1 wanting to stay until the end.

Actually, #1 not only wanted to stay to the end of Blues Fest, but she also wanted to go play over at the Crown Fountain over in Millennium Park. I didn't mind, and took what I thought at the time to be some pretty good pictures. Unfortunately, the display on my digital cam always makes the pics look better than they do when I download them to the computer ... I guess having an itsy-tiny screen does a lot to cloak blur, as most of the shots that looked great in the camera looked like crap when I got them on the monitor, which bummed me out.

Today we were going to go down to the Printers Row Book Fair, but The Girls angled for more "fountain time" and going to see the new surfing penguin movie, which I opted out of. So I had a nice long "getting caught up on stuff" day at home. Again, I still didn't get to half the stuff I wanted to, but was able to knock down some projects like the present for my Father-in-law (we got him a 4gig flash drive with four years worth of digital shots downloaded onto it ... he's been suffering without pictures since I shifted from film to digital!).

(sigh) ... one of the days when I "have money again", I'm definitely getting a digital SLR ... I get so sick of blurry pics if I'm not using the flash, or totally washed-out pics if I am!

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