BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Recycling edit time ...

OK, so the other day it was nice and clear and I had an idea for doing an animated icon involving scrolling across a panorama shot of our view. Unfortunately, for the animation to look even moderately smooth, it was going to end up producing a file way too large for L.J., and so the project ground to a screeching halt.

However, I had gone through the effort to not only piece together the rough panorama from assorted snapshots, but had spent some "photoshopping" time adjusting stuff like the horizon line and the "stitch" zones, etc. and was feeling rather pouty about all that effort going to waste. So, to retrieve some usefulness from that, I figured I'd share it in here:

This, at 800px wide, is a much-reduced version of the original (at 5660px), but figured it would be MUCH more cooperative for folks' LJ Friends Pages. Sorry if 800px creates a scrollbar on yours, though. This is the view north out of our living room.

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