BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Sometimes the Web just freaks me out ...

O.K., so there I was, trying very hard to find some way of delaying working on the Job Search (I have a list of places to apply to, but am coming up lame in the "cover letter" department, and need to wait for such time as I can not sound like a totally disinterested zombie in these), and my brain was playing with the sarcastic "Oh, the humanity!" line in my previous post.

The variation "huge manatee" popped into my head, and I thought it would be amusing/distracting to make up some image along those lines. So, I fired up Google's image search and found a nice big shot of the Hindenburg disaster, saved that, then went looking for a zeppelin-like image of a manatee. On the second page of "manatee" results, I find this image:

What is really freaky is that out of all the various (and there were all sorts of different in-the-process shots of the Hindenburg blowing up) images of the former, the person who'd made this witty image had chosen the very same "disaster moment" that I had!

While this discovery has, obviously, saved me all sorts of otherwise non-productive effort, it has left me feeling empty, and slothful (and derivative in that this was not a "brilliant jest" originating with me!) ... but hopefully self-abusive enough that I will force myself to crank out a few damn resumes before having to go pick up The Girls from school!

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